WordPress is one of the most commonly used Content Management System (CMS) used by SMEs. It comes with a variety of premium plug-ins and is extremely user-friendly. Create a customized website for your company today!




What is Wordpress?

WordPress is a free CMS system used by many Small Medium Enterprises. It is extremely easy to use and can be customized without any trouble at all. There are many premium plugins available, be it E-commerce, Blogging, Call Tracking or Anti DDOS. WordPress provides a web-based user interface for designing, publishing, and updating websites easily without a steep learning curve. We highly recommend companies to build their own web platform from scratch and not use any existing templates nor page builders, after which having the option to integrate it onto a WordPress user interface for easy use and editing of content.

Why use Wordpress?

With the use of WordPress, it is important to understand the importance and significance of creating your own web from scratch. With the WordPress user interface, it makes it easier. With existing templates or page builders, it is difficult to make changes and/or amendments to your website should you wish to add certain functions or customize certain aspects to fit your branding; with WordPress, that changes everything. When you’re creating a website from scratch with the assistance of WordPress, it gives you a vast range of plug-ins which you may add to your website to enhance the user experience or cater to certain needs of your company. WordPress gives you full control over customisation without the need to code. Should there be any changes made to your company for example, added services, online payments or others, WordPress allows navigation to these changes, a breeze. All in all, WordPress is the go to option to create a website with ease. WordPress will be your option, allowing endless customisations without the restrictions of a fixed template, all in all, WordPress is the go to user-friendly option to create a website with ease.




Why engage us?

At NICKTUNG, we are dedicated in creating quality websites which fit what our clients are looking for. We understand that every industry has different specifications and requirements, with every website made from scratch and integrated onto WordPress for a user friendly interface.

With every layout, structure and design customised to cater to our clients accordingly. If you’re looking to create a complex website with many functions, having your company stand out amongst your competitors, or just looking to improve your online brand image and presence. Our team of professionals whom are proficient in WordPress will get that job done, adding unique plug-ins or creating a simple user interface over complex codes. Our team will never let your website run out of customisation options ever again.


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