Tired of losing clients that have actually shortlisted you? Or looking for leads that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer? With our remarketing efforts, we’ll narrow down your target audience, and help get them your lost clients at the lowest possible cost, thereby increasing your Return on Investment (ROI).




What is Remarketing?

To illustrate what Remarketing really is, we leave a digital footprint in everything we do online. Be it whether you’re looking at the latest car model, or reading up an article on something you’re interested in, every step taken is most probably tracked and recorded. Digital Marketing comes into place where we get your product or marketing campaign directly into the eyes of your target market. However, there are times when your advertisement or campaign is shown, yet after your potential customer visits your website, or have shown interest in products similar to what you have to offer, they leave without engaging in a purchase or sale. This is where remarketing steps in.

Why engage in Remarketing?

It is important to understand the power of remarketing. There are users who have shown interest to your company, or liking towards products similar to what you have to offer. Yet just because they didn’t make that purchase, you’ll let them walk away? Remarketing serves the purposes of getting the sale through interested parties without letting them walk away just like that. With data collected, we understand that they are an audience who are keen in what you’ve got to offer. Thus, by targeting this group of audience again, it increases the likelihood of them making the purchase, and ultimately increasing your sales.




Why engage us?

With NICKTUNG, our team of digital marketers understands the power of remarketing and ensures to utilise it to its fullest potential. Through remarketing, we are able to convert “lost sales” into sales. By bringing lost customers back into your website or page, and reminding them of products/services that they’ve previously shown interest in, they might once again reconsider their decision and convert into sales. With that being said, it helps to increase your conversion rate and ultimately boost your ROI. Start scaling your business and get back those lost customers with us.


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