Hybrid Mobile Development  

A Hybrid Mobile Development Mobile Framework is a development of an application catered and suited to both iOS and Android, giving a solid option in contrast to Native App Development. It is catered for companies looking to showcase an application on both iOS and Android within a shorter period of time.


Hybrid Mobile Development

Hybrid Mobile DevelopmentFeatures

What is a Hybrid Mobile Development?

Hybrid Mobile Development refers to a cross-channel portability system with an objective of using a shorter timespan to showcase an application on both iOS and Android. A Hybrid Mobile Frameworks is a development of a mobile application catered and suited to both iOS and Android, giving a solid option in contrast to Native App Development. At NICKTUNG, we provide solid and powerful hybrid versatile application advancement administrations for those looking to build a hybrid mobile application catered for both users.

Why use Hybrid Mobile development?

Hybrid mobile development for an application combines the element of both native and web applications, thus the name hybrid. Hybrid mobile applications are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and further wrapped with a native mobile application. What it means is that it is versatile in which it just takes a native container, leveraging on the platforms you’re intending to use, and rendering the HTML to process the Javascript locally. Also, it is functional whether a device is connected online or not, which enables it to integrate with web-based services.

In layman terms, hybrid mobile development is essentially creating an application that is suitable for different platforms. For example, Android handsets and iOS handsets are completely different, and so are the applications. Hybrid mobile development makes it easier. Instead of custom creating an application made for each individual platform, also known as native mobile development, a hybrid mobile development makes it simpler, easier and faster. Hybrid mobile applications can be placed on both Android and iOS, killing two birds with one stone.


Hybrid Mobile Development


Why engage us?

For companies looking to build an application within a short period of time and at a more cost effective outlook, hybrid mobile development might just be suited to your liking. At NICKTUNG, engaging us for hybrid mobile development towards your hybrid mobile application saves manpower, time and cost. With our team of professionals and through our experience in developing multiple hybrid mobile apps, we are confident in creating a hybrid mobile application suited to your liking. Scale your business and go hybrid with us.


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