HTML Slicing  

In layman terms, HTML Slicing basically means bringing a RAW file onto the web through a series of steps. It is extremely crucial to follow the correct format to ensure the alignment matches the Raw Design Files, so that the design can then be seen on a “WEB” level.



HTML SlicingNecessity

What is HTML Slicing

It is of no doubt that anyone can design something. Be it whether it’s a poster, or an advertisement. There are many platforms online that helps get the job done. However, despite how well a design is made, what’s most important is getting it out to the eyes of your target audience. HTML Slicing is what gets the job done. So what is HTML Slicing exactly? Let us explain.

Uses of HTML Slicing

HTML Slicing is slicing an image into smaller images, followed by having it reassembled on a web page using an HTML table or CSS layers. In other words, HTML Slicing simply means putting an image onto your web page. Sounds simple? Well it’s harder than you think. Which is why it is extremely important to have a professional to get the HTML slicing done right.


HTML Slicing


Why engage us?

At NICKTUNG, our team of professionals are well equipped and Adobe Certified. That means that we know what’s necessary and what needs to be done. From HTML Slicing through the long process chain, we get your product to its end destination. Being proficient in Adobe means that HTML is our bread and butter. Having HTML slicing done right and efficiently guarantees that you’ll get what you want, at where you’d want it to be at the highest quality. Let us do the HTML slicing for you so that you need not have to worry about getting the formatting or layout wrong again.


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