Firebase is an extremely comprehensive mobile and web application development software equipped with several tools. It is often used to develop high-quality apps, growing of user base and to help businesses be more profitable.




What is Firebase?

Firebase is essentially a framework that helps in developing websites and web applications with real-time database. With several benefits mentioned earlier, let us get into details as to what Firebase can really provide. Firebase provides you with services such as Google Adwords, Real-time Analysis, notification effectiveness, deep link performances, crash data and many more. With the help of these services through Firebase, you’ll be able to better understand consumer behaviour, purchase behaviours, user habits and so much more. With the ability to export data using BigQuery, the use of Firebase can greatly scale your business and improve your marketing campaigns through the analysis of the data generated.

Why use Firebase?

The use of Firebase improves user experience as well. With authentication software in place, users are able to create accounts and log into your application using social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and many more. Using the authentication system from Firebase, it helps users to log into your application with platforms they trust. The messaging systems provided by Firebase can further enhance user experience as they are able to get notifications from new promotions or advertisements from your marketing campaigns. Through Firebase “Firebase Machine Learning Kit”, your mobile and web application goes beyond the norm. With in-depth functionalities such as face detection, barcode scanning, landmark detection and so much more, your application built using Firebase gets smarter and more user friendly at the same time.




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