Automated Retargeting   Messaging

With a great team of marketing experts who serve not only the local markets, our marketers are extremely experienced. With the help of automated software, we are able to reach out to wider customers and retarget on an intimate level.


Automated Re targeting Messaging

Automated Re targeting MessagingGREATER EARNINGS

How does it work?

With our developed software, we manage to work within the boundaries of API given provided to our team. We are able to quickly deployed and analyzed based on the interested parties. Understanding that customers are always on the go, we wish to connect to customers wherever they are. We are very confident that the reach out of automation will assist humans as the whole number of smartphone users worldwide is 2.53Billion

Why is Automation important?

89% of the world would recommend your brand after a good mobile experience. -Engagement. The handheld device is your direct line to conversion. Mobile revenue to reach $3.5 trillion by 2021. More channels would mean more Return of Investment. However, after awareness and collection of data, we would need to connect data and through speed by contacting them, your brand will remain relevant.


Why should you use us?


Faster reachout

Based on statistics that if a potential customer has shown interest, and you do not contact them within 5 minutes, you may lose the customer 70% of the time. If you do not contact the customers after 5 minutes you lose an additional x21 times of the potential sale, before they will make a decision to purchase. Most of the retargeting advertisements on Facebook and Instagram like a carousel or single posts tend to happen way after 5 minutes.


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