Website Development


1. Simple is the best

Keep it simple, short, direct and sweet. The website should not be overly fanciful which confuses the audience. Depending on the nature of the business, the essence is to keep it relevant to your audience. The first impression of the site should immediately tell your targetted audience what you are doing, how you can help them and why should they choose you.

2. Code from scratch

Coding from scratch may seem like a stupid thing to do with all the 3rd party page builders and themes readily available for purchase. I mean it would be great to have everything done cheaper and faster right? That’s not always the case. Most of the development firm which uses Visual Composers or … charges the same price as us. We prefer to build from scratch as it gives us full flexibility and at least close to zero errors at the W3C CSS validation level.

3. Easy Navigation

We have had customers who wish to be unique, that’s great. However, we urge clients to bear in mind that through the process of designing, it needs to be easily navigated by the customers. There are many big websites who have set the standards and have brought the masses to adopt. Following how the big market movers design and to include key navigation elements are extremely important. Do not be mistaken, we are not trying to encourage you to be copy-cats. We are a strong believer of ensuring we do not break the rules of certain Internet rules when it comes to designing.


4. Mobile compatibility

Keeping in mind the ever-growing usage of mobile phones, web design must be supported for various screens. If your website design doesn’t support all screen sizes, the chance is that you are probably going to lose to your competitor. Keeping up to date, ensuring your website is mobile optimized is also one of the key element which helps with your Search Engine Optimization.

5. Easy loading

No one likes waiting for a website to load. To ensure this, we ensure by optimizing image sizes, combing code into a central CSS or JavaScript file as it reduces HTTP requests. Also, compressing, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, removing unwanted pages for enhanced loading speed.

6. W3C Validation

We strongly believe that a nicely coded website should be validated within a click of a button, we are confident that our technical quality is at its best and as such, every website which is produced by us are all W3C validated.


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