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There are many mobile application development companies who can promise you the sky and clouds, for individuals or companies who have not gone through the process of developing an application (Hybrid or Native), as a professional and experience website and mobile application development house, we would like to break the bad news to you.

It is really tough, but not impossible. That is the truth. The amount of resources, money, effort, emotion and time may not equals to success.

We would like to say it is not for the weaklings. Over the past 7 years, we have helped many individuals and companies developed robust applications with our partners.

We are presently managing two big portals and are highly experienced in this domain. As a mobile application is much more complex, the time taken needed to develop is inevitable. If you are looking for a short cut, you might want to look for a fly by night development firm. Below are some of the ways which we practice.


We believe that by creating a great mobile application, the first step is to adopt a systemic approach and a wild imagination.

We will break it down into eight (8) simple steps for you to think when you decide to work on an application.

Step 1

What problems are you trying to solve with the application?

Step 2

Make a clear decision on the features to solve the problems

Step 3

Mobile devices and version which needs to be supported?


How are you going to make money?

Step 5

Creating the UX/UI.  Do not try to save money on this area. This step is often and most of the time not taken into great regards.

Step 6

Once all of the AI/PSD files of the application screens are developed, throw all the design files into a prototyping app builder and link up all the buttons of the pages to make sure the flow is proper and accurate to ensure that the development team and designing team are on the same frequency.

Step 7

Its time for the backend web developers and mobile application developers to start coding. During this stage of coding, it is best to get them to put great effort to supervise and request for an .apk file on Android and .ipa file for IOS to check through each module and user flow.

Step 8

Smoking Testing, Regression Testing, Stress testing, and all necessary testing to prepare for Beta Testing!


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